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~ Friday, May 10 ~

I wonder sometimes about the way he puffed himself up when he was in the chassis. It seems like a pretty deliberate action, kind of like the aggression behavior of an angry (frightened?) animal. Which is interesting in itself, a robot displaying animalistic aggression toward a human. Why would that have been programmed into him? And if it wasn’t, where did it come from?

I guess it could have also been a subconscious movement—all of a sudden he has a lot more of ‘himself’ to keep track of and a freer range of movement for the core part of him, so maybe all that flaring and twitching was the result of a lot of nervous energy.

My favorite theory about it, though, is that he chooses to do it so he’ll look bigger. Not just so he can scare Chell or GLaDOS, though I’m sure he’d be happy if it did that too, but also so he can appear physically bigger than he  actually feels.

This hinges on the idea that, although he would never have admitted it out loud, he realized pretty early on that he was in way over his head. He kept on going because it was a bad idea and he tends to go for those, but at some level he was probably aware of how poorly everything was going for him. Chell was angry and on her way, his facility was falling apart, testing wasn’t going at all how he’d planned.

And all that just proves that he isn’t able to handle the power he’s been given, because he is weak, and he is tiny, compared to Her. But by swinging himself around and flaring his plates out and puffing himself up, he can make himself look—and maybe even feel—a little bigger than he actually is, at least for a little while.

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